John Mayer 2022-03-18 Chase Center San Francisco, CA

1. Last Train Home
2. Belief
3. Love on the Weekend
4. Something Like Olivia
5. Wild Blue
6. Who Says
7. Changing

8. XO (Beyonce Cover)
9. In Your Atmosphere
10. Neon

(Band Intros)
11. Still Feel Like Your Man
12. Edge of Desire
13. Stop This Train
14. Til the Right One Comes (with With You Can Call Me by Paul Simon outro)
15. The Beautiful Ones (Prince cover)
16. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
17. Waiting on the World to Change
(More Band Intros)
18. Gravity (John Mayer trio)

19. Your Body is a Wonderland
20. New Light