Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys and Bill Monroe and Doc Watson 23 August 1964 Sunset Park West Grove, PA


Bluegrass Boys

01. Salt Creek

Bill and Doc

02. What Does the Deep Sea Say?
03. Midnight on the Stormy Deep
04. East Tennessee Blues
05. Feast Here Tonight
06. Watson's Blues
07. What Would You Give
08. Paddy on the Turnpike

Bluegrass Boys

09. Can't You Hear Me Calling
10. True Life Blues
11. Y'all Come
12. Rocky Road (encore)


"First show"

01. Watermelon on the Vine
02. Panhandle Country
03. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
04. John Hardy
05. Gotta Travel On
06. There's an Old Old House
07. I'm One of God's Sheep (Bill forgets the tune)
08. Georgia Rose
09. I'm One of God's Sheep
10. Uncle Pen
11. Y'all Come
12. Rawhide
13. Footprints in the Snow

14. Instrumental
15. Used to Be
16. On and On

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