Thursday, July 25, 2019

moe. 7/22/95 Wetlands Preserve New York City, NY

disc 1
t01 tune-up/intro
t02 St. Augustine
t03 banter
t04 Moth
t05 Seat Of My Pants
t06 Rebubula
t07 banter
t08 Spine Of A Dog
t09 banter/rob meat intro
t10 Meat
t11 Brent Black
t12 banter

disc 2
t01 Don't Fuck With Flo >
t02 Yodelittle
t03 banter
t04 Akimbo
t05 banter
t06 Farmer Ben* >
t07 Jam**
t08 closing banter

* With Jim on vocals and the horn section from Yolk.
** Yolk, with Rob on bass.

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