Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Radio City at Music Hall New York, NY September 15th, 2007

Disc One:

d1t01. intro
d1t02. 11th Commandment
d1t03. Well Well Well
d1t04. Fight Outta You
d1t05. Picture in a Frame
d1t06. chatter
d1t07. Fool for a Lonesome Train
d1t08. In The Colors
d1t09. Gold To Me
d1t10. Whipping Boy
d1t11. Younger Than Today
d1t12. ben & band notice RastaJack all pimped out
d1t13. Having Wings
d1t14. chatter
d1t15. Two Hands of a Prayer
d1t16. chatter
d1t17. There Will Be a Light
d1t18. Needed You Tonight
d1t19. band introductions

Disc Two:

d2t01. Put It On Me
d2t02. Say You Will
d2t03. Use Me *
d2t04. Where Could I Go
d2t05. encore
d2t06. Paris Sunrise #7
d2t07. LifeLine
d2t08. Masters of War #&
d2t09. Like a King > I'll Rise
d2t10. outro

* Bill Withers Cover
# Bob Dylan Cover
& with Piers Faccini

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