Friday, December 20, 2019

Keller Williams Live at The Birchmere on 2006-01-27

Set I

Let's Rock >
Houses Of The Holy,
Freeker >
Breathe >
Another Brick In The Wall >
New Horizons,
I've Seen All My Nightmares Before,
Bath Of Fire,
Crater In The Backyard,
Mountain Song,
Dupree's Diamond Blues,
Year 2000 Minus 25,
Wild Horses,
Hepped Up Goofballs

Set II

I'm On My Way Home Again,
Take Me To The Tundra,
Mary Jane's Last Dance >
Breakdown >
Mary Jane's Last Dance,
Thirsty In The Rain,
Outta Sight (Local Outdoor Organic),
Jhoon Rhee Self Defense,
Connie Chung,
Vanilla Ice Cream,
Play This,
Loser (Beck) >
Loser (Jerry) >
Loser (Beck),
Band Introductions,
Whirly Pig >
Culpepper Woodchuck
E: Portapotty

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