Friday, December 20, 2019

Keller Williams Live at UB Center for the Arts on 2006-01-21

Set I: Sheebs> Blazeabago> Let's Go Dancing*>
Blazeabago> Breathe (with Glowstick War!)> Up in My
Cadillac> Safety Dance tease**> I'm Gonna Be(500
Miles)tease&> Breathe , Thanks Leo> Sing For My
Dinner, Brown Eyed Women#, Relaxation Station>
Goofballs, Hallelujah!, More Than A Little, So Many
Roads# (on piano), Loop> Freakshow@

Set II: Shinjuku> Freeker By The Speaker> Freeker
Reprise, Gate Crashers Suck, Shakedown Street#, Dogs,
Restraint, Loop, Worthy@, Attics of My Life#, Victory
Song> Frankenstein$, Alligator Alley, Yoni> Celebrate
Your Youth> Yoni

E: Chopsticks (on piano)> Kielbasa%> Loop

* Drivin' N Cryin
** Men Without Hats
& The Proclaimers
# The Grateful Dead
! Martin Sexton
@ Ani DiFranco
$ Edgar Winter Group
% Tenacious D

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