Wednesday, June 24, 2020

dark star orchestra december 1, 2001 orpheum theatre boston, taxachusetts

set 1

d1t01 hey pocky way
d1t02 mingleweir
d1t03 push comes to shove
d1t04 me and my uncle>
d1t05 mexicali
d1t06 row jimmy
d1t07 queen jane
d1t08 tennessee jed
d1t09 music never stopped

set 2

d2t02 china cat sunflower>
d2t02 i know you rider
d2t03 estimated>
d2t04 eyes>
d2t05 drumz>
d2t06 wheel>
d2t07 gimme some lovin>
d2t08 black peter

d3t01 sugar mags
d3t02 encore intro cut on master dat baby blue
d3t03 filler i want to tell you
d3t04 scarlet begonias>
d3t05 fire on the mtn
d3t06 the weight

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