Monday, September 14, 2020

The Gourds 1999-07-03 Dan's Bar, Denton, Texas

 set 1

(cuts in) Grave on the Green Hillside

Son of a Bum

Boil My Strings

I Ate the Haggis

Fine Leather Truck

High Highs & Low Lows

I Pushed Her Down


Bean Bowl

Oh Sister

Don't Pass Me By

The Old Man from the Mountain

Gallows Tree

Whiskey and Blood

Trampled by the Sun


Ringing Dark & True

set 2


Clear Night

Ladies Choice

Cold Bed

Pair of Goats

January 6

Jesus Christ With Signs Following




I Like Drinking

Grievin' & Smokin'

I Come Up>

All the Labor

"Gangster Lean" tease

Up on High

Plaid Coat

Ghosts of Hallelujah

Meat off the Bone


Nuevo Laredo

Web Before You Walk Into It

County Orange

Pine Island Bayou

Piss & Moan Blues

enc. Birthday> Yer Blues

Darlin' Corey

2nd enc. (or filler?)

When Wine Was Cheap

Rugged Roses


Gangster Lean

Gin n' Juice (including a bit of Spanky)

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